We build comprehensive financial plans for all our new clients, using a proprietary process we call Confidence in Advanced Planning.  This process consists of three 90-minute meetings, and gives us visibility into your financial life today, explores your immediate & longer term objectives, and develops an action plan to achieve them.  

1: Data Review

To begin, we review your financial information to gain a shared understanding of your financial position.  We'll ask detailed questions about your employment, income, assets & liabilities, benefits & insurance coverage, tax profile, and everything else that comprises your financial life. 

Once we have an idea of where you stand today, we'll explore what's important to you.  What would you like to do with your resources?  What are you working toward?  What does your ideal life look like?  Do you have concerns or other aspirations?  This background serves as the framework of your financial plan.

2: Planning Foundations

We use the findings from our Data Review meeting to build a "rough draft", which is presented in the Planning Foundations meeting.  We review your household's balance sheet & income statement, the findings of our analysis, our recommendations, and offer several options for moving forward. 

We then seek your feedback on which aspects of the draft you like and which you don't.  This guidance helps us prepare your final plan & implementation guide.

3: Presentation & Recommendations

With your feedback in hand, we create a "master" financial plan.  This includes a prioritized implementation guide & timeline, which we work through together to put your plan to work.  

We stress test all of our clients' financial plans under various market scenarios to ensure an adequate margin of safety.  And above all, our financial plans help ensure you do the very best you can with what you have.

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