Medical Professionals

Medical professionals often struggle with unique financial challenges.  The cost of education is extremely high, meaning most enter their profession with a sizable amount of debt.  You may be highly compensated once you enter the workforce, but how will you balance student debt repayments with contributions to your retirement account?  And how can you maximize the advantage of tax deferred savings? 

At Three Oaks Capital we help medical professionals navigate these financial challenges throughout their careers.  Rather than spend their time mastering the finer points of personal finance, this guidance frees our clients to hone their craft and enjoy their families, passions & hobbies.  Here are a few typical we ways we help our clients in the medical community:


Student Loan & Debt Management

Consolidation & Refinancing
Income Driven Repayment Options
Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)
Balancing Loans with Savings & Purchases

Aggressive Savings Strategies

Backdoor Roth IRA Conversions
Individual Retirement Plan Management (SEP-IRA, Solo 401(k), etc.)

Tax Minimization

Tax Efficient Asset Location
Tax Loss Harvesting
Income & Deduction Timing
Coordination with Tax Preparer

Risk Management

Disability Insurance Analysis & Planning
Life Insurance Analysis & Planning
Employee Benefit Optimization

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