Investment Management

We have one focus when we manage money for our clients: delivering the best possible outcome. 

We employ an consistent philosophy and process to do so.


Our approach to investment management is rooted in economic theory and empirical research.   

We base our investment philosophy on the conclusions drawn from this research, and use strategies that are proven to work consistently, across all market cycles.  We do not experiment, or invest based on a gut feeling.

The foundations of our investment philosophy are:

• We do not attempt to time the markets
• We believe in global diversification
• We do not try to outguess the market
• We believe that outperforming securities
tend to share certain characteristics

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We implement our investment philosophy with the help of our partners at Dimensional Fund Advisors and a selection of low cost index funds.  

In order to deliver the best possible investment outcomes, we take advantage of tax loss harvesting opportunities and strategic asset location, and make portfolio recommendations based on our clients' entire asset bases - not just the accounts we may be managing.

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Socially Responsible Investing

We offer portfolios that screen for and omit companies involved in certain socially sensitive industries, including:

• Gambling
• Tobacco or alcohol
• Child labor infractions
• Weapons manufacturers

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Sustainable Investing

We offer portfolios tilted toward environmentally friendly companies.  This solution offers our clients an opportunity to align their investment strategy with "green" personal values.

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How Much It Costs

Investment management fees are based on a percentage of assets under management, according to the following schedule:

$0 - $500,000: 1.25%
$500,001 - $1,000,000: 1.125%
$1,000,001 - $2,000,000: 1.00%
$2,000,001 - $3,000,000: 0.875%
$3,000,001 - $4,000,000: 0.75%
$4,000,001 - $5,000,000: 0.625%
$5,000,001+: 0.50%

*There is a $5,000 asset minimum for investment management services.  Financial planning fees are credited toward investment management fees - clients do not pay both.

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Next Steps

Schedule a time to chat, and learn more about how we can help you do more with your money. 


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