Approaching Retirement

Transitioning into retirement is likely the biggest financial adjustment you'll make in your life.  But knowing how much you'll need to accumulate in order to retire is a tricky question.  How long will you live?  What will your living and health care expenses be in the future?  How much can you safely withdraw from your nest egg each year?

At Three Oaks Capital, we help people just like you make successful retirement transitions.  We help our clients develop and execute a comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of their financial life.   We ensure all our financial plans have a high probability of success, and stress test them to make sure our clients will remain financially independent through even the worst market conditions.  Here are a few typical issues we help our clients approaching retirement navigate:

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Retirement Income Planning

Pension Benefit Optimization
Efficient Withdrawal Planning & Sourcing
Social Security Enrollment & Optimization
Annuity Evaluation

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Tax Minimization

Income Timing and RMD Minimization
Roth IRA Conversions
Tax Efficient Asset Location
Tax Loss Harvesting
Collaboration with Tax Preparers

Healthcare Planning

Medicare  Enrollment
Medicare Supplemental & Medigap Analysis
Medicare Surcharge Premium Avoidance
Long Term Care Analysis

Estate & Legacy Planning

Probate Avoidance
Lifetime Gifting Strategies
State & Federal Estate Tax Avoidance
Record Coordination with Attorneys


Learn our simple process for drawing income in retirement:

Download The 5 Step Retirement Income Plan to learn how you can balance guaranteed income, like a pension or Social Security, with safe withdrawals from your retirement savings.