Wealth Management

Three Oaks Capital delivers wealth management services through two programs: Executive Wealth and Smart Wealth.  Executive Wealth integrates the best of financial planning and investment management, while Smart Wealth focuses only on comprehensive financial planning.
Executive Wealth
+ The Process
  • First we get organized.  We sort through all your important financial documents, and together gain a shared understanding of your current situation, long term goals, and other areas you'd like to address.

    • Three Oaks builds you a customized & comprehensive financial plan.  This plan includes action steps to improve your financial well-being, minimize potential vulnerabilities, and grow & preserve your wealth.

    • We have a 100% money-back guarantee on your financial plan.  If you're not happy with the comprehensive plan we've created, you pay nothing.

  • Together, we execute your plan by working through its action steps. We then invest assets according to your custom strategy and investment policy statement.

  • We have 2-4 check in meetings per year to review progress and make any necessary changes.  Meanwhile, you're out enjoying your life.
+ What You Get
  • Unlimited access to a full time wealth manager committed to you and your financial well-being
  • A customized financial plan, including recommendations for:
    • Cash flow planning
    • Debt management
    • Investments
    • Retirement
    • Taxes
    • Insurance
    • Estate planning

  • An organized, 360° view of your financial life via online planning tools
  • A personalized strategy and investment policy statement
  • Portfolio management from an experienced and credentialed investment manager
  • Fee-only, conflict free guidance to help you make consistently smart financial decisions and avoid potential pitfalls
  • The freedom to pursue your passions, knowing that Three Oaks is looking out for your best interests
+ Who We Work With
  • Entrepreneurial people and families: our clients seek to define their own careers by following their passions. They may own a business, be an employee or executive, or work casually as a freelancer.

  • People of all ages, ranging from graduates starting their careers, to couples navigating toward retirement, to retirees seeking to preserve and distribute their assets efficiently

  • People focused on the quality of their life over the long term

  • People seeking to organize and improve their financial lives
+ Who We Don't Work With
  • People looking for help picking penny stocks or day trading
  • People who allow "breaking news" from financial media to affect their financial plan or investment strategy
  • People who need to be on the phone with their advisor every day
+ How Much It Costs
    Annual fees are based on assets under management and are billed in quarterly increments:

      First $1,000,000:                           1%
      Next $1,000,000:                      0.75%
      Next $1,000,000:                      0.65%
      Next $1,000,000:                      0.55%
      All assets above $4,000,000:     0.50%
+ Minimum Asset Levels
    There is a $250,000 minimum for the Executive Wealth program.

    There is no minimum amount for the Smart Wealth program.
+ Next Steps
    If after reading this you'd like to have a conversation about working together, sign up below to book an appointment.   This free, no obligation 30-minute meeting will help us get to know one another and assess whether Three Oaks can add value to your life.  Introductory meetings are conducted over the phone or via web conference, and are scheduled at your convenience.