Small Businesses


Workplace retirement plans can be a wonderful benefit for small business employees.  It can also be a powerful way for small business owners to build their personal wealth.  Unfortunately, the options are somewhat limited.  The marketplace for small business retirement plans is dominated by large national companies offering "bundled" all-in-one packages.  This arrangement can be convenient, but also more confusing, costly, and rigid.

Three Oaks Capital offers "open architecture" small business retirement plans.  This frees us to construct customized plans for our small business clients and hand pick the best service providers for their needs.  This structure gives us the ability to choose from thousands of potential investment options, as opposed to a few hundred offered in a bundled plan.  This format is transparent, easy to understand, and often far less expensive than competing bundled packages.

Typical Issues We Assist With

• Plan design & management
• Investment selection & monitoring
• Benchmarking reviews
• Participant education