We use a proprietary process with our comprehensive financial planning clients that helps us work together in an enjoyable and non-intimidating way.  Over a series of three meetings, Confidence in Advanced Planning organizes your finances in a centralized location and integrates them into a customized & actionable plan:


Information Review: 90 Minutes

Together, we review the information you gathered during the previous meeting to gain a shared understanding of your financial position.  We ask detailed questions about your current concerns, long term objectives, and other aspirations that serve as the framework for your financial plan. 



Planning Foundations: 90 Minutes

We use the findings from our Information Review meeting to build a "rough draft", which is presented in the Planning Foundations meeting.  We make recommendations in the specific areas you wish to cover and offer several options for moving forward.  We then seek your feedback on which aspects of the draft you like and which you don't.



Master Plan Presentation: 90 Minutes

With your feedback in hand, we create your master financial plan.  This plan includes the portions of the rough draft you like, omits those you don't, and has a very high probability of success based on stress testing and thousands of Monte Carlo simulations.  We include step by step instructions you can use to implement your plan, and establish a timeline to complete your to-do items.




Annual Meeting Cycle

After completing your financial plan and establishing a long term strategy, we fall into an annual meeting cycle.  We meet 2-4 times per year to ensure we stay on track, and make adjustments as your life evolves.  When you need it, you have unlimited access to your advisor.





Next Steps

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