Financial Planning

We believe that 

Our mission is to help our clients live their best life.   To accomplish this we offer comprehensive financial planning services aimed at helping people organize and optimize their finances.  We've found that developing a comprehensive financial plan

By helping people develop a compThis service is intended to help our clients align their finances with their long term objectives and integrate them into a custom, comprehensive strategy.

What it is and what the goal is.

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How It Works

Go through the process & create a comprehensive financial plan.  Identify where you are today, create household financial statements.  Explore what's most important to you and what you need from your resources to be happy & content.  Then we draw a road map connecting where you are today to where you'd like to end up.  It incorporates all corners of your finances, and includes our professional opinion & recommendations.  

Then we go to work executing the plan together.  This may be



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What You Get


The freedom to live your life knowing that your finances are dialed in & optimized for future success.

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How Much It Costs


$2,000 for the first quarter, and $1,000 per quarter thereafter.  Complex cases may come at greater cost.

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Minimum Asset Levels

There is no minimum asset requirement for financial planning services at Three Oaks.  While we manage money for many of our clients, it isn't a requirement.

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Next Steps


Sound interesting?  Schedule a time to chat to learn more about how we can help you organize & optimize your finances.