Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our mission is to improve our clients' lives by organizing and optimizing their finances.  To do so we offer comprehensive financial planning aimed at helping our clients make consistently smart financial decisions.  This service is intended to help our clients align their finances with their long term objectives and integrate them into a custom, comprehensive strategy.


The Process


To help ensure our clients have the best experience possible we've developed a proprietary 5-step process: Confidence in Advanced Planning.



Introductory Conversation: 20 Minutes

We determine whether our comprehensive financial planning service is a good fit for your needs.

Data Gathering & Organization: 45 Minutes

We sync your accounts with our system & online tools, and gather other information pertinent to your unique situation.

Information Review: 90 Minutes

We discuss your personal situation in more detail and gain a shared understanding of what success looks like to you.

Planning Foundations: 90 Minutes

We review your initial "rough draft" financial plan.  We present you with several viable recommendations.  We then take the areas of the plan you like, omit those you don't, and use your feedback to create a master financial plan.


Master Plan Presentation: 90 Minutes

We review your completed financial plan and implementation guide.  All financial plans are built to ensure a high probability of success, based on capital market stress testing and Monte Carlo analysis.



Annual Meeting Cycle

Once the initial plan is complete, we meet 2-4 times per year to implement the financial plan, ensure we stay on track, and make adjustments as necessary. 

You can learn more about Confidence in Advanced Planning here.


What You Get



Unlimited access to a CFP® professional committed to your financial success



A customized financial plan, including recommendations tailored for your unique situation



A step by step plan implementation guide



An organized, real time, 360° view of your finances via online planning tools



A secure & centralized electronic vault to store all your important financial documents



Ongoing support to help you execute your plan, stay on track, and make adjustments as your life evolves



The freedom to pursue your interests, with the confidence that Three Oaks is looking out for your financial well being



How Much it Costs


Initial Enrollment Fee

The initial planning fee varies from $500 to $5000 based on complexity.  Our initial planning fee has a 100% money back guarantee.  If you don't find value in your completed financial plan, you pay nothing.


Annual Retainer

The ongoing annual retainer fee is billed monthly or quarterly based on client preference.  The fee is 1% of your adjusted gross income, plus a percentage of your net worth based on the following tiered schedule:

$0 - $2,000,00: 0.5%
All net worth over $2,000,000: 0.25%

There is a $1200 minimum annual retainer fee, which may be reduced to $900 for current medical residents and fellows on a case by case basis.



Minimum Asset Levels

There is no minimum asset requirement for comprehensive financial planning services.



Next Steps

If you'd like to have a conversation about working together, click the link below to reserve some time to chat.  This free, no-obligation, 20 minute conversation will allow us to answer your questions and help determine whether our services are a good fit for your needs.